InfiniteWorld is seeking a Senior UX/UI Designer to join our enterprise application development team.

Applicants will be required to show previous projects, articulate design requirements, approaches, and philosophy behind previous works. This position is only available as a full-time, direct hire position.


  • Collaborate with the Director Technology and developers to build a best-in-class digital platform experience for both in-house software, which directly integrates production management, business and process analytics, reporting, and public-facing web properties.
  • Understand high-level UI/UX Design Philosophy, as well as emerging technologies to optimize user interaction and improve operational efficiency across multiple roles within the enterprise
  • Understand how context changes everything


  • 10-15 years experience as a UX/UI designer and/or architect
  • Strong behavioral, psychology, research, interaction methodology, concept, design, and collaboration capabilities
  • Experience developing complex integrated applications that work across multiple collaborative business units
  • Experience working with data visualization frameworks eCharts, Vega, & D3
  • Expertise with Figma, Sketch, Whimsical, and the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience working in a CD, CI, CD development environment
  • Ability to give and receive valuable and useful feedback and critiques, clearly defending and championing your ideas and work
  • Thorough understanding of current web/mobile design principles and technologies


At InfiniteWorld, we bring brands and creators into The Metaverse. The combined virtual and physical worlds through our scalable infrastructure and NFTs of true utility.

We leverage the best of blockchain and digital capabilities to create branded experiences like never before. We provide brands the tool box to increase engagement, traceability and authenticity for real world and virtual products, events, and interactive experiences.

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