The VFX Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating projects in the CGI division, working closely with Producers and the CG/2D artist teams, both locally and internationally. The main focus of the VFX Coordinator is to manage and implement tasks and targets crucial to the delivery of Media and Entertainment projects on time and on budget.

This is a remote/telecommute position. The studio is 100% virtual and allows the applicant to work anywhere in the world!


  • Work with Producers and Supervisors to track and manage the workflow through the departments meeting internal and external deadlines
  • Organize rounds and meetings, taking notes and following up on information as necessary
  • Ensure the production database is kept updated daily with notes and critical information before departing for the day
  • Anticipate and communicate issues to Head of Studio to resolve problems quickly
  • Maintain an accurate summary of progress from the previous day’s work by artists
  • Oversee the execution of client deliveries of all temps and finals
  • Manage resources and communicate coherently with other support departments
  • Scheduling, prioritizing and tracking internal technical assignments and project details
  • Organize and setup client review sessions
  • Coordinate and package deliveries including submission documentation
  • Ensure teams are clear on daily delivery objectives
  • Ensuring project scope, status and completion information up to date
  • Ensuring work is being approved and completed on time and to specification
  • Establishing quality control and project closure processes


  • Must be proficient with Shotgun
  • Experience working in the film, television, commercials or product visualization industry
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience within VFX, Commercials or Product CGI as Production Coordinator.
  • Highly organized, diplomatic, and resilient
  • Strong communication skills
  • Some knowledge of Excel


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